Welcome to Tinley Manor Hil’s B&B Help us to help you enjoy your stay.


We are proud of our establishment and so request you treat our furniture & fittings with care.


Please keep the main gate closed at all times.


Please do not sit on chairs, cushions or beds with wet costumes or after you have put sun block on as this stains the linen.

Please use outside shower when returning from the beach.


Please do not remove towels from the rooms. Designated towels are available for use at the swimming pool.

There are beach umbrellas/towels available for hire (R20 X1 umbrella per day & R10 X1 towel per day).


Ensure all taps are properly closed.


Please do not pick flowers or damage plants.


Please do not litter.


Smoking only strictly allowed outside.


Please do not remove any dispensing bottles from the bathrooms.


Please keep room in condition found.


If an item is broken/damaged or non functional in your room please report it to us so that we can repair or replace it.


If you do spill coffee/tea or wine etc – do not attempt to remove it yourself – instead please report the incident immediately to reception.

Costs related to any stains and or damages will be levied to guests A/C.


A remote and front door key will be made available.  Please take care of them and be sure to hand them in when booking out.


Be considerate of your fellow guests – keep your voice & noise levels to a minimum.


Any lost property or item left behind at our B&B will be kept in our lost property dept for 3 months. Any items not collected within the 3 months will be disposed of. No items will be posted or couriered to guests.


Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs.


If you require dinner please let us know at breakfast time.  Breakfast times are 7 00 am – 9 00 am Mon –Fri and 8 00 am– 10 00am on Sat /Sun and public holidays. If an earlier breakfast is required please give us prior notice – we would be happy to oblige.


Right of admission on B&B premises is reserved & the owners or any member of management, may exercise this, in any instance of criminal or immoral conduct, drunkenness, violence, disturbing the peace on B&B premises.


There are fire hydrants on demarked areas upstairs and downstairs.


If you have any problem/emergency you can contact us on 0825720993(Hilary) or 0826191720 (Berenice).


Time to vacate the room must be 10 00 am on day of departure. We trust that you will have enjoyed your stay & look forward to further visits in the future.


N.B.  Common allergens that are used on the premises and/or in the preparation of food include dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, sulphites and mustard. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and it is the responsibility of the guest to notify the management of Tinley Manor Hil’s B&B of any allergens and or special dietary needs and/or foods that you are allergic to.


INDEMNITY   -   the owners, principles, managers, employees or agents of the B&B indemnity themselves both in their individual & personal capacities, from any loss, theft, damage, injury or death suffered by guests, howsoever arising & absolves itself from any claims of liability in such instances or for any demand for payment or compensation.


Sincerely your hosts

Hilary Sandberg

Tinley Manor Hil’s B&B