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Reasons to go on holiday

1. Relaxation Holidays provide us with a welcome opportunity to truly relax and leave behind our daily routines, like fighting peak hour traffic, paying bills and meeting strict deadlines. 2. Time to recharge You can take an energising break and recharge your batteries. Get your blood pumping again with some hiking, skiing, white water rafting, kayak fishing, beach walks and many more. 3. Retreat and disconnect Disconnect from your email and mobile phone and enjoy some peace and solitude. Lose yourself in a good book or in a log cabin in the mountains and enjoy the fresh air, the stillness of the night or a

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beautiful morning sunrise. 4. Reconnect Reconnect with your partner or even with yourself and your passions.

5. Discover new territory and have an adventure Swap your regular holiday destination with one that's out-of-the-ordinary, exotic or exhilarating expose your senses to new territory and adventures. 6. Create special memories Be they romantic, with your kids, or something else that's really meaningful to you.

7. Slow down and catch up on some sleep Sometimes the secret to enjoying life is as simple as slowing down. Reduce your hectic pace, include some early nights and afternoon siestas, unrushed meals, walks, or a massage. 8. Reflect and celebrate Allow yourself time to reflect, to review your life and appreciate and celebrate all that you're grateful for. 9. Enjoy more time together as a couple or a family Extended time away from our day-to-day routines gives us greater opportunities to share enjoyable outings and experiences together. 10. Have fun One of the best things about taking holidays is it gives us time to be spontaneous and do exactly what we want, when we want. How blissful! Taken from

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